12 Signs of A True Friendship

12 Signs of A True Friendship

Here are the signs of true friendship.

1. They Don’t Want To Change You

True friends accept everything about you, including your weaknesses. They will encourage you to be better and workout with you to get your dream body because you want to, but they will not try to bully you into changing. They love you the way you are.

2. They Respect Your Personal Space.

A good friend may want to spend every single hour with you, but they understand that you need space and will gladly give you your space. 

3. They Communicate Their Feelings

Instead of assuming you hate them and give you the silent treatment, they talk things out. They rather communicate the problem, so everyone involves can figure out a way to fix the issue and become better friends. 

4. Real Friendships Mean They Stand By You Through Thick And Thin

When life throws lemons at you, they help you pick up those lemon and make a lemon mojito with you. They don’t leave you to crush under the weight of the lemon alone. 

5. They Celebrate You Every Chance They Get

Instead of pouting and dismissing your successes, they celebrate your achievements and pump you up. They let everyone know you are their friend, and you are awesome.

6. They Respect Your Boundaries

They notice the things that make you uncomfortable and events you don’t want to go to and respect your “NO”. They don’t force you to do things you hate just because they are into it.

7. They Make Time For You

We are all busy adults, but making time for those we love is part of being a loving adult. Friends who really love you will make time for you, it’s just what it is. 

8. They Will Tell You The Truth In A Kind Manner

Friends who don’t tell you the truth are not good friends, and they don’t want the best for you, but friends who love you will tell you the truth when you ask for their opinions because they want the best for you. They will say it gently and kindly.

9. They Help You Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin.

If you feel uncomfortable being yourself when you are hanging out with your friends, you need to leave that friend group and end those relationships. Your friends should make you feel happy to be yourself and not sad to be yourself. 

10. True Friendships Are Give And Give.

Reciprocity is part of every relationship, and if you are the only one giving, then that friendship is not the right relationship to be in. 

11. They Don’t Gossip You With Other People

A real friend will never talk bad about you with other people. They will fight for you in front of everyone, instead of tearing you down with everyone else. 

12. They Are Not Clingy.

True friendships mean understanding that your friend will be friends with other people you don’t know. Expecting your friend not to have other close relationships is just unhealthy and never ideal. Any friend who tries to isolate you from other friends is an abusive friend in the making. You are allowed to have other friends.