14 Signs He’s Cheating On You

Here are unexpected subtle signs that your man may be cheating:

1. He gets very sensitive whenever you begin questioning him.

If you, by chance, be able to catch him with your questions, he will begin to lash out. His guilt will prevail over him, and he will get angry. He will try to divert you from the truth with his anger.

2. He tries to deflect by accusing you of being a cheater.

One of the numerous defense mechanisms that liars or cheaters use is deflection. They will try to deflect the blame against them to the accusers. They will begin to say that you are a cheater and that you are the one who is unfaithful in the relationship.

3. He doesn’t really show you on his social media.

He is still trying to make himself approachable to the ladies. Therefore he does not want everyone to know about you yet. He does not want the alleged ladies to think that he has already been taken. He wants everyone to believe that he is still single.

4. He doesn’t let you catch sight of his cellphone.

If lately, he had many mysterious phone calls and text friends, and he is trying to hide it from you because he does not want you to know that he is cheating on you. If he were not guilty, he would not have difficulty leaving his phone idle so you can see.

5. He has a sudden decline in his sexual desire

If you notice a sudden, unexplained change in his sexual desire or he suddenly stops wanting to have coitus with you, it may be because he is getting pleasure elsewhere. A sudden plunge in his sexual desire may mean that you are no longer doing this for him and that he has other sexual partnerships that you are not aware of.

6. He more focused on his looks nowadays.

It would be difficult for him to dress down and casual on date nights with you, but nowadays, he has a new hairstyle change, he likes to dresses up really nice for a “night out with the guys,” You can bet that he isn’t dressing up for the boys. He’s probably striving to impress another girl. You should look forward to drastic changes in his physical appearance. This may mean that he has also recently had romantic changes in his lifestyle.

7. He spends more time “at work” or “with the guys.”

More late nights at work? Spending a countless night out with the guys?
Regularly goes off on trips with his buddies? He’s started switching his phone off when he’s out? Something is wrong here. Perhaps you should dig a bit to find out if he is really telling the truth about his plans for the late evening.

8. He has many financial expenses that he isn’t revealing to you.

You see that it continues to be short financially, although this has not happened before. You used to be so frank about his finances, but now he’s all secretive. Perhaps he now has to support two women. You better ask him about it.

9. He drops subtle hints about him not deserving you.

The feeling of guilt after cheating can cause him to become remorse. If he keeps dropping subtle hints about how you are too good to him or that he doesn’t deserve you, then you can speculate that something fishy is going on.

10. He keeps canceling off dates with you.

If he continues on canceling on you for other things, this may mean that he no longer appreciates you and does not want to devote too much time to you. It may also mean that he wants to devote his time to other romantic possibilities with other women.

11. He keeps Name-dropping a particular girl when he’s with you.

He compares you to this particular girl whenever you enter into an argument. He tells you a story about this girl even though you weren’t talking about her in the first place. This girl seems to always be on his mind, and you should be worried about it.

12. He changes his privacy settings on social media to hide from you.

He doesn’t want you to see his tagged photos of him that might jeopardize him. He doesn’t want you to know about his adulterous actions that might get him in trouble with you.

13. He is always looking to quarrel with you to guilt you

He found a new woman. He wants you guys to break up at this point. That’s why he is always trying to start something with you. He wants you to feel how much you upset him whenever you’re together. He wants to make you the guilty one in this situation.

14 He compensates for his guilt by being unusually nice to you.

If he suddenly showed kindness to you, showering you with gifts and taking you out for extravagant meals. Be very suspicious. You probably know your man very well, and if you know that he is not one of those who buy flowers for you, and yet you will spot flowers on your bed when you return home, then you can claim that something is not right. Sometimes cheaters hide their sins by compensating for mercy with kindness.

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