5 Signs Someone Has High Functioning Anxiety

5 Signs Someone Has High Functioning Anxiety

Defining high-functioning anxiety is so complicated. To begin with, there are many different types of anxiety, being unable to leave your home. In addition, different people may experience different levels of anxiety before interfering with everyday life.

Researchers from Illinois University in Chicago found that people with anxiety disorders are afraid of the unknown.  Research in the Journal of Psychological Abnormal said that fear of the unknown made people concerned about their fears.

Here are 4 signs someone has high functioning anxiety

1. You think ahead like a chess player

Planning multiple forward moves is a key technique for the best chess players and is also a skill of those with high anxiety. Planning is a way to try to manage the symptoms of anxiety because the more they can be known, the less scary the unknown.

2. Risk avoidance behavior

Anything could be perceived as “thrilling” by the average person is definitely something that someone who has a high functioning anxiety would avoid. Risky situations such as scary movies or extreme rollercoaster walks are not thrilling for those with anxiety. If you ask an anxious person to meet you after dark, you may suggest a daytime meeting. If you suggest somewhere crowded, they will suggest somewhere with fewer people.

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