6 Proven Reasons Why a Man Falls in Love

6 Proven Reasons Why a Man Falls in Love

Men fall in love differently from how women fall in love. This is why so many women wonder how a man can be nice to them and keep them as friends while he falls in love with another woman who they think should not even be on the man’s list for love, so here are six reasons he fell in love with her:

1. She Stimulates Him Visually

According to relationship coach Dr. Tracey M. Phillips and numerous studies, men are more stimulated by what they see than what they hear, unlike women that are more stimulated by what they hear. Therefore men tend to fall in love with what they see, while women with what they hear. 

Men need to continually be visually satisfied with what they see in order to fall in love. 

The question is, how do you apply this information so your man can fall in love with you? The answer is simply stimulating his visual senses. Take your time to dress nicely and look your best.

Don’t let yourself go; take care of yourself for yourself and him—work on always being genuine and simple with your looks. Visual stimulation and attraction can be built over time, and a deeper love can be formed as you get to know him more.

2. She Is Always Happy Around Him.

Men tend to feel fulfilled when the women in their lives are happy because of what they have done. It is an ego boost for them.

A man who feels connected and secure in his ability to make her happy will unconsciously start falling in love with her.

The fact that his presence in her life makes her giddy and full of happiness makes him want to stick around her, and the longer he spends with her, the more he falls in love.

3. She Respects His Input In Conversations. 

A man that feels respected and heard when expressing himself to his woman tends to fall in love with her quickly. Men want to feel respected and important. They want to know that their input in her life matters and she valued them.

4. She Appreciates Him. 

A man who is well appreciated will continue to do more in order to gain more appreciation.

The more time, money, and other resources he invests in her to get more appreciation, the more he can’t do without her, but if he feels unappreciated and used, he will get tired and not want to be around her anymore.

5. When She Is What He Considers His Total Package. 

Every man has an idea of what they consider a total package.

In fact, a total package for a man usually consists of physical attraction, looks, personality, voice, laughter, how kind she is to his feelings, how easy he connects to her, and knowing he can make her happy.

When he sees her as his total package, falling in love with her comes easy and effortless.

6. The Way She Make Him Feel

He falls in love when he feels safe, warm, happy, loved, and peaceful around her. If he can equate his peace to her, she has become the love of his life, and he has no intention of letting her go.

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