7 Morning Habits That Cause Weight Gain

Weight Gain

Want to know the morning habits that cause you weight gain?

Specifically, diet and exercise are excellent ideas to lose weight, but it is time to resolve some morning mistakes and encourage your healthy weight loss.

To be clear: practicing a good morning habit will:

  • Increase your energy
  • Improve your productivity
  • Boost your mood
  • Reduces stress hormones
  • Promote weight loss

In this article, we will show you the seven morning habits that cause weight gain.


Let’s jump right in

1. You skip breakfast

Breakfast is an essential meal of the day. 


Breakfast sets the mood for your metabolism throughout the day and provides your body the energy you need to function correctly.

In other words:

A well healthy and balanced breakfast every day can help improve your metabolism, control your weight, reduce your risk of illness, and better your eating habits.

For example, studies have indicated that you are more likely to obese if you skip breakfast.  

The bottom line is this:

If you want to stop gaining weight, try not to skip breakfast.

2. Stop eating processed foods for breakfast

Having junk and fast foods for breakfast can be one of the worst things you can do for your health.

For example, according to Experts at Health Line, processed foods are responsible for overweight or obesity because it is empty calories that provide no nourishment.

So what’s the point?

Experts are literally telling you: Cut processed foods out of your diet, and you will absolutely lose weight.

Now it’s time to stay away from refined carbohydrates, fast foods, and sugary snacks for breakfast.

Instead, you should replace them with whole-grain cereals, eggs, proteins, and fruit.  

3. Not drinking water

Drinking a warm glass of water before breakfast will help you eat fewer calories without even realizing it, which will encourage you to lose weight.

For instance, studies indicate that those who drink more water have lower BMI (Body mass index) and gain less weight over time.

In addition to that, water also helps: 

  • Eliminate remaining toxins from your body 
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Boost your immunity
  • Improve your metabolism.

4. You don’t perform stretching exercise

Morning stretching exercises on an empty stomach can help burn more body fat, improve flexibility, and lose weight more efficiently.

In fact, studies say that stretching in the morning, such as side lunge, plank, cobra pose, tricep stretch, etc., helps you burn more extra calories and prevent weight gain.

Additionally, exercising in the morning can help maintain your blood sugar levels, focus, and energy throughout the day.

5. You are Oversleeping

Getting enough sleep is essential for your health. 

However, oversleeping is not suitable for your health because it can make you gain a lot of weight and also lead to health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

Studies show that people who sleep longer than 9 to 10 hours a day are 21% more prone to become obese over six years than those who take adequate sleep.

Key Takeaways: you gain weight from sleeping too much. On the contrary, you need an average of 7 to 8 hours per night to lose weight. 

6. Not weighing yourself

Climbing on the scale and weighing yourself in the morning can boost your motivation to lose weight. 

In short, according to Health Line, weighing yourself each morning can help you have an interest in healthy habits and behaviors that may help to lose weight.

For example, a study shows that those who stopped weighing themselves often were more likely to show an increase in calorie intake and lower self-control.

Pro tip: The best time to weigh yourself is immediately after getting up.

7. Not getting enough morning sunlight

Open up the blinds, throw open the curtains, let in some sunshine, or spend a few minutes outside each morning to help you in your weight loss goals.

Believe it or not, just 20 minutes of morning sunlight is enough to benefit your BMI (Body mass index) and improve your overall health.

Research suggests that people who get sunshine in the morning have lower BMIs than those who don’t. 

Obtaining sunlight in the morning is one of our primary sources of vitamin D.

In conclusion

As you can see, your morning routine can prevent your weight loss goals. Therefore, try to adopt a healthy morning lifestyle to stop your weight gain, maintain your metabolism, and burn more calories.