8 Reasons Why You Should Never Chase After Someone Who Does Not Want You

Chasing after someone who is running away from you is not only empty but also makes you seem needy if that is not enough reason for you.

Here are eight other reasons why you should never run after someone.

1. You Lose Your Dignity And Self-respect

Don’t spend so much time begging someone who wouldn’t blink twice at the thought of you. Chasing after a person who does not value you and your love, reveal that you are disrespecting yourself as well. By showing them that their rejection does not stop you from desiring them.

This will not only irritate them but additionally let society see how you do not have self-esteem. You lose your self-respect when you chase after somebody who does not desire to be with you. Certain people aren’t meant to fit into your life.

2. Never beg to be loved 

Why should you never beg someone to stay? It makes you feel weak. Love is not material things. You cannot steal it or force a person to offer love to you.

Love is a passion, a passion that cannot be passed except the heart desires it to. Once in a while, we fall in love with somebody unable to love us, and that is how life goes most time.

Not everything in life is reimbursed. It would be preferable to be broken-hearted and be a stronger person than running after a person who cannot conduct themselves to feel the kind of love you feel for them. Don’t beg for love from any person who has no time for you. 

3. If They Cheated On You, They Will Do It Again

Keep in mind that if they cheated on you by getting associated with a different person, it tells the truth that, indeed, for a moment, they forgot about your love and preferred someone else’s temporary.

In such circumstances, You are lowering your self-respect, and allowing them to get away with it would be the inferior choice.

You merit every right to be offended, you deserve to mistrust and doubt their love for you, although what you ought not to do is overlook their cheating because you are desperate for their love even if it is broken.

You can forgive them, but forgiveness is one thing, but being capable of trusting and being with them again is another.

4. You will have more stress

The anger and the anxiety of being turned down or rejected can make you go nuts. Your day-to-day lives will be changed due to your abnormal behavior. Therefore your best approach is not to let them go.

Okay, let me inform you, there is no good in begging them to stay when they regard other people as more important than you. If you stress too hard on yourself, you will only be punishing yourself and your health. Let them go, and God will give you a better person. 

5.  Respect Is The Key To Love 

If you beg a person to stay and love you, you are not only diminishing your self-respect but also aiming that you do not respect them too.

Love is about respecting the decisions the other person makes. Therefore when you behave like you did not understand their ultimate choice of leaving you and you keep luring them back, you are likewise disrespecting them.

You are stating that their decision does not mean anything to you. Love grows with respect, so if you cannot respect, you do not love.

6. You Are Wasting Your Time

You are wasting time grabbing someone that will never be yours. That means you are wasting your time. You are generally challenging your own greatness and your abilities by not going after more important things in life.

Time is money, and at your tender age, it should be a priority for you to save it and spend it on as many fundamental things and your happiness as possible then to waste it chasing after someone who doesn’t need or desire you. 

 7. It Makes You Look Like a Stalker  

Looking like a stalker may be the last thing you want to be, what impression do you think you will be leaving on them by regularly nagging somebody who has made their resolution clear to you? You will only make yourself look like a stalker, but can also harm your future relationships. 

8. They Are Not Your Soulmate

Even if you believed that what you had with them was impeccable and they were ideal for you, they are not because they preferred to part ways.

Also, if you presumed you had found your soulmate, you now need to recognize that they did not imagine so. And someone who does not reminisce of you like you reminisce of them, how do you anticipate them to be your soulmate? You don’t. 

3 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why You Should Never Chase After Someone Who Does Not Want You”

  1. Great article helped me cause I’m living that exact life now it’s depressing and I needed hear what fool I’ve been trying to get her back. Thanks

  2. I had someone cheat on me and I told myself that, I am not going to force him to love me because no one forces me to love him. This this must come naturally and willingly. If he doesn’t want to be here, he can go to the one he wants to be with.

  3. If you feel like someone has made moves towards you and for the time makes you think feel you are important to him , her then all of a sudden you don’t hear much from that person , he’s she’s obviously not your priority you are not theirs lame excuses that’s because they may have cheated or can’t get in where they want to hit at you so respect yourself and learn from this move on be a better person in the future

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