8 Signs You are Afraid of Trusting People

8 Signs You are Afraid of Trusting People

Why do people have trust issues? People who have trust issues have usually had unfortunate experiences in the past with somebody they initially considered honest. Betrayal in relationships can create trust issues throughout a person’s life.

Here are signs that you pistanthrophobia – a person’s fear of trusting other people, especially in a romantic relationship.

 1. You believe that you’re going to be single forever

You keep whining that you will never find your soul mate. You don’t believe that someone you can build healthy, happy, long-term relationships will appear in your life. Remember this. You don’t need to concern yourself about the wrong people you’ve met in life because your right person will come at the appropriate time. 

2. You always suspect everyone of deception.

When you meet someone new, you inclined to believe that that person is dishonest to you. You analyze their behavior and try to figure out they have a hidden agenda.  

3. You are asking too much of your partner.

Even at the start of a relationship, you expect your significant other to spend every minute of their free time with you. You also want them to forget about friends and interests in life and make you their priority. You have to allow your partner to be their person outside of your relationship. 

4. You find it difficult to accept that people are trustworthy.

You are assured that every person you meet will hurt you. It doesn’t matter how close you get. You think that sooner or later, they will betray you.

5. You have unhealthy jealousy

You are so insecure about your partners that you are often jealous of them even for no reason. What you need to understand is that unhealthy jealousy can destroy your relationships.

6. You always ask your partner to prove their love for you.

You need your significant other to prove how much they love and care for you regularly. You act this way because you want to be 1000 percent sure they won’t hurt you.  

7. You promised yourself that you would never trust anyone again.

You have been betrayed more than once in the past. Therefore, you have made the decision not to trust anyone else. You are trying to protect yourself from heartbreak. But it would be best if you remembered that unless you start to perceive others differently, you can never build a peaceful relationship.

8. You see everyone as potential liars.

No matter what you are told, you never trust people. When someone compliments you, you think they are lying to you. You see everyone around you as lies and hypocrisy. If your trust issues are a significant hindrance in your life, Face your fears and learn to trust again.  

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