8 Signs Your Partner Is Going to Cheat

These are signs of a potential cheater. As with any behavior, it can be challenging to reveal the intentions behind it. Therefore, the more “hints” present in your relationship, the more likely a real problem exists. Here are the signs: 

1. They guard their phone, social media, and computer.

Nobody loves having their phone tampered with. However, it isn’t unusual to snoop around with your partner’s phone in a committed relationship or marriage. Indeed, it’s not that big of a deal. Unless they either have something to hide or are simply in a bad mood.

If your significant other suddenly start guarding his or her phone, computer, social media, or suddenly opposes to what was not an issue previously, you may consider additional caution.

2. Lack of intimacy

When two people are in love with one another, it is natural for intimacy. If the other person shows no interest in either, it may be a sign of infidelity.

This is especially true if no prior issues existed in this area. If nothing else, this behavior is indicative of some emotional or physical disconnect. If you face this issue, you might want to have a serious discussion with your partner because they may be getting new intimacy tricks outside of your relationship. 

3. The need for privacy all of a sudden.

The sudden need for privacy signifies your partner is cheating. This must not overlook the reality that every person in a relationship requires a “me time,” and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

However, when “your significant other” continually says things like “I have to be alone,” “just let me be,” or “I need time to think,” that could be a strong hint of cheating.

4. A sudden defensive rationalizes behavior.

It’s normal for two people in a serious relationship to understand the differences between each other’s personalities. We hope you know your partner’s defects and accept them.

However, it is odd for a partner to suddenly rationalized their behavior; suddenly, it seems like nothing you do is right for them. Reasonable dialogue is a need for any relationship; if this becomes a problem and your gut tells you that your better half is cheating on you, you are probably right.

5. Sudden Irregular financial expenses

Cheating costs money for gifts and financial expenses. Anyone in a committed relationship understands the importance of monetary support. Usually, any outgoing money is acknowledged and accounted for.

If your partner, all of a sudden, drifts from this mutual expenditure and engages in “squandering” for which they cannot account for. In that case, it may indeed be a manifestation of infidelity at best because cheating costs money for gifts, dinners, hotel rooms, and trips.

6. Becoming sudden fashion-conscious

We all want to look our best for various reasons, most commonly, to look respectable and professional. However, a sudden change of appearance without explanation is uncommon, especially for those who have previously shown little interest in appearance.

Those who face a mid-life crisis often cite a shift in fashion as a “motivation” to look younger and more present. Of course, it could indicate that they are trying to appear more attractive to their sidepiece. 

7. They’re always excessively late or need to travel for work.

Anyone in a faithful relationship will tell you that a schedule is necessary to make things work. This is especially true if someone is married, has kids, or other obligations for which they are responsible for.

Even if that person cannot account for such behavior, sudden excessive lateness is a warning sign.

Also, if your partner has never been away on a friend’s trip, business journey and suddenly needs to travel for work or with friends, mostly on the weekend, which could mean that they are having an affair.

8. They’re emotionally distant.

Emotionally distant all of a sudden is a sign that your partner is probably cheating. Emotional detachment from someone you love is like a punch to the heart.

Unfortunately, this detachment is too often a prelude to a relationship problem. It’s easier for a potential cheater to distance themself emotionally from someone than to confront the real problem. It’s a cowardly act, in many ways.


If you notice that your partner is cheating on you, you don’t feel inspired to confront them. I suggest that you talk to a trusted friend, your pastor, your mom, or a therapist. 

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