8 Ways to make a man miss you

8 Ways To Make a Man Miss You

Every relationship seems to be perfect initially – you meet every day, telephone, and text each other…… You cannot imagine your life without each other. Gradually, spontaneity gives way to routine; therefore, your man stops trying or getting involved (doesn’t answer or call back). 

Then a question arises: what should a woman do to make him miss you when you’re not around? 

We understand that it’s not always easy to make sure that you’re in man’s thoughts, so here are specific rules you need to follow to make a man miss you. 

1. Don’t hang out with him every time

When you are in love, you desire to spend a lot of time with that person. But to make a guy miss you, be mysterious or let him chase you. Sometimes ‘playing hard to get‘ makes him more desirous of meeting you on your next date. 

The good thing is that a bit of distance and inaccessibility can make you even more attractive in his eyes.

2. Pretend to be busy once in a while

Another effective way to make your man miss you is by giving some of your time to yourself. Be smart about your time spend with him and show him that you have other life going around. Take time while responding to his messages and calls. 

3. Make your relationship full of surprises

Do not miss a chance to be his firsts in ticking off a few things from his bucket list. Ask him to try these things with and create new memories.

Your efforts towards him will leave him wanting more. Lastly, post your couple pictures on social media that you want him to see and miss you.

4. Dress to impress

Dressing up for him or investing in a new haircut will leave you attractive and unforgettable in your boyfriend or husband’s eyes. Shop for the latest fashion and beauty products to make him go crazy and pay more attention when he sees you. 

5. Make him realize that you’re the one

Instead of trying to be an ideal girlfriend or wife, your job is to highlight your personality and make him realize how valuable your worth is. Being loyal and emotionally understanding will make him feel wanted and skyrocket your relationship to the next level.

6. Be independent and jolly

Men like independent and self-reliant women who never reach out for the silliest things. Being an independent and less boring girlfriend or wife will always bring a smile to your guy. 

Your cheerful and charming face will stay in his mind whenever you are not around him.

7. Let him enjoy himself with his friends

It is essential to give him space by letting him enjoy the free time with his friends. Being confident and less clingy will make your man crave more time with you. 

So, next time when he wants to go on a boys’ trip or hang out with his friends, let him go. 

8. Treat him like a king

Cook your signature home-cooked delicious dishes for him or wear your signature event so that gradually he will start acknowledging you with that essence. 

Your extraordinary love and care will surely make him fall in love with you deeply.

Use these clever tips to make your guy miss you every single day.

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