7 Cheat meal rules that will speed up your weight loss

Cheat meal rules that will speed up your weight loss

It is good to have a cheat meal when trying to lose weight.

Cheat meals are a deviation from the regular meal, generally high in calories and other macronutrients like carbs and fats.

When it comes to cheating on meals, expert suggests people include a structured cheat meal weekly. It helps people to stay motivated for the rest of the week. 

In theory, having a cheat meal can save your body from the diet’s restrictive side effects.

However, scientific studies suggest that well-planned cheat meals trick optimizes your body hormones like leptin and ghrelin, energy expenditure, and increases metabolism, helping you burn calories faster. 

Here are approaches and methods that can help you to use your cheat meals in your favor to help you speed up your weight loss:

1. Planning and scheduling your cheat meal

 It is better to have a cheat day. Nutritional scientist Eva Lana told Men’s Journal that you should choose a designated day of the week as a “cheat day” – and stick to it. 

Remember that cheat meals are meal replacements that fit into your current eating regime and are not meant for a day-long buffet where you eat twice as often. 

Tip: Doing a cheat meal at lunch than dinner can digest your meal easily because you are still awake. 

2. Exercising and sweating ahead of the cheat meal

Just because you’re going to rouge on your diet doesn’t mean that you can skip the gym. It is super essential to compensate for the extra calories consumed. Glycogen deficit is created during exercising, which is less likely to pile those extra calories on you.

3. Say no to starving

To avoid stopping too much of the wrong food, do not starve yourself before the cheat meal. However, skipping a meal ahead of your cheat meal would make you greedily hungry, resulting in increased body weight. 

4. Opt for nutrient-rich cheat meals from menus

Opting for meal options like:

  • A pasta dish with a protein source
  • Chicken/shrimp fajitas with tortilla or
  • A cheeseburger with a bun may include some carbs, protein, and fats that may not harm your week’s progress. 

Tip: Choosing nutrient-poor foods like a colossal bowl of french fries or creamy pasta can alone quickly store fat in the body.

5. Eat slowly and gradually

Eating and chewing small bites can allow you to recognize the fullness signal and prevent overeating. 

6. Choose your favorite category to cheat

Choosing your favorite category cheat meal (main meal/alcohol/dessert) can further save you from indulging in the wrong foods laced with chemicals. 

For example, nutritionists recommend if you are craving a glass of alcohol, then go light by limiting yourself to one glass only with mains main meal and desserts.

7. Read your body signals

Recognizing your hunger signals can genuinely help to enjoy your favorite meal while preventing a disaster at the same time. The rule of fullness signal is to eat as much as you need to satisfy your hunger. Don’t be greedy because greed is voracious.

Tip: It is essential to customize your cheat meals and see how your body reacts to different meals. It’s best to avoid meals that make you feel super sluggish and bloated. 

Celebrate your cheat meals: But wisely.

We hope that now you know how to satiate your hunger without compromising your metabolism rate. 

Remember, occasional cheating doesn’t harm you physiologically, but excess of anything (read: even food) can be dangerous. 

Feed your body with what it actually craves!

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