How Your Sleeping Position Affects Your Health

One of the most essential activities for the normal functioning of the body is undoubtedly sleeping. As a matter of fact, people spend at least a third of their life sleeping.

As usual, excesses of any kind are detrimental to health regardless of the fact that we are talking about too long or too short periods spent in bed. However, according to Mail Online, not only the number of sleeping hours counts, but also the position where a person rests.

This discovery is all the more critical as about 95% of people sleep in the same position throughout the night.

Below are the positions of sleep, as well as the diseases that they can generate.

1. Sleeping in the position of the spoon

This position favors your partners because it symbol of trust and intimacy with your spouses. However, the body is forced to stand in a position that amplifies the pains in the joints and muscles. Besides, sleeping on your chest in your his or her arms can cause neck pain.

2. Sleeping on one side

According to Jim Horne of the Loughborough University Sleep Research Center, this position favors reducing acid reflux and indigestion. At the same time, however, you must know that in this position, your face wrinkles will become more surface. The explanation is straightforward: they are thicker and more visible because the pillow crushes your face.

3. Sleeping on your belly

If you have a problem with snoring, this position will help you solve it. But, at the same time, your teeth will suffer as the jaw is positioned more forward than usual. You should also not forget that this position can cause problems of the nerves in the upper part of the body. Also, the person has to turn his neck to one side, which causes strain.

4. Sleeping in the position of the fetus

Because during the day gravity puts pressure on the column’s discs, sleeping in this position is excellent because the curve of the body inwards opens your back, thus reducing the pressure on the spinal discs. In this way, the pain will be diminished. However, it is essential to make sure that the pillow is neither too high nor too low, that is, the neck is at the body level. Otherwise, the muscles and the nerves on the neck will give you headaches and, obviously, your throat.

5. Sleeping on the back

If you have arthritis, there is no sleeping position to help you more than sleeping on your back because bodyweight is evenly on the back. The bad news is that you will be snoring, especially in the case of overweight people, where excess fat from the front of the neck will press too hard on the neck, will be intensified. You also have to know that sleeping on the back of your body remains the best way, and this favors both asthma and heart disease.

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