7 Warning Signs You Need More Oxygen in Your Blood

7 Warning Signs You Need More Oxygen in Your Blood

Low blood oxygen is also known as hypoxemia, is a medical problem that shows your blood requires more oxygen. Hypoxemia can lead to hypoxia, which is low oxygen in your tissues. Hypoxia can become life-threatening because when your tissues are starved of oxygen, they die. 

Hypoxemia can be caused by minor factors such as going to areas of high altitudes where there is less oxygen. Or can be a result of serious health issues such as several Heart conditions, e.g., heart defects or lung conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, or Blood disorders such as anemia. 

Here are seven signs, you need more oxygen in your blood:

1. Light-headedness/Fainting. 

This is a loss of consciousness for a short period of time due to the temporary loss of oxygen supply to the brain. When oxygen in the blood is low, the amount of oxygen reaching the brain decrease drastically, leading to light-headedness and fainting.

2. Headache. 

7 Warning Signs You Need More Oxygen in Your Blood
Lack of oxygen cause mild problems such as headaches

Headache is a painful sensation felt in your head that is caused by the low amount of oxygen or the lack of oxygen reaching your brain cells. 

3. Bluish Color of Skin, Fingernails, And Lips.

Bluish discoloration of the skin, fingernails, and lips, is called Cyanosis. It is caused by poor circulation of oxygen in the blood. 

4. Disorientation/Confusion. 

Inability to recognize your environment, the things you are doing, the things you are saying or the things going on around you. 

5. Difficulty In Breathing/ Shortness Of Breath. 

7 Warning Signs You Need More Oxygen in Your Blood
Lack of oxygen can cause Shortness of breath

Gasping for air and feeling like you can’t get enough air into your lungs to breathe freely. This may eventually cause you to become restless and uncomfortable. 

6. Generalized Weakness/Fatigue. 

You are feeling weak and unable to do anything at your normal pace. You feel tired and not energized to do anything. 

7. Rapid Heart Beat. 

Your heart begins to beat faster in order to get oxygen to other parts of your body that need oxygen. You will literally feel your heart beating/pounding faster. Your heartbeat becomes audible for you to hear.