This is how much sleep you really need based on your age

Good rest is important for people of all ages. But how long does it take to sleep? Here is how much sleep you really need based on your age:

Age 0-3 months: 14-17 hours of sleep

Newborns sleep for much of the day. They need at least 14-17 hours of sleep each day to ensure healthy growth and development. Getting enough sleep also helps to make sure that the baby does not become cranky.

Aged 4-11 months: 12-15 hours of sleep

This is the moment when major physical growth occurs. So the body needs to rest for 12-15 hours every day.

1-2 Years: 11-14 hours of sleep

Years of hunting are probably the most important years of life. The main physical targets, such as walking, occur at this age. This is also an age when children begin to explore and learn many new things. So, their body needs 11-14 hours of sleep every day to promote brain development as well as to give the body the rest it needs.

3-5 years: 10-13 hours of sleep

This is the age at which children become more independent. Pre-school years are very demanding. Children of this age are usually involved in a wide variety of physical and intellectual activities. So, to keep them well-rested, they should receive 10-13 hours of sleep per day.

6-13 years: 9-11 hours of sleep

This is an age when school becomes more challenging. Mental growth takes place at a rapid pace. Children of this age need to be careful in the classroom and so they need 9-11 hours of sleep each day.

Teenagers aged 14-17: 9-11 hours of sleep

Adolescent years are a time when many changes occur in the body. All physical, mental and hormonal changes take place. To cope with all the changes and to make the transition easier, adolescents should have C. This also helps to make sure that hormonal changes do not affect their mood.

18-25 years: 7-9 hours of sleep

This is the age at which people start their own life and this can be a very difficult phase. This is also an era of social life. But in the midst of all the fun nights and crowded routines, it’s important to get 7-9 hours of sleep every day.

26-64 years: 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep

Many people at this age have work and family to balance. This is also an age where stress is an important part of life. So, to help the body twist and allow the mind to give up the stress of the day, adults should take 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.

65 and over: 8 hours of sleep

At this age, stress levels usually decrease slowly. The number of physical activities is also reduced. So. the body does not need more than 8 hours of sleep.

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