7 ways to be happy again when you are feeling down

happy again

Are you feeling down, wondering how to beat sadness and be happy again? Worry no more. In this post, we will show you ways to be happy again when you are feeling down. 

1. Consider your diet plan

To start with, ensure you consume a well-balanced diet. It would be best if you kept the energy up. You then might prefer to go through the foods you take in. A mixed diet that minimizes sugar and saturated fats is recommended. However, some foods are known as mood boosters. Try bananas, nuts, cheese, pumpkin seeds, and blueberries. You must not even cook them!

2. Do the opposite of what you need

Let say you feel like doing nothing throughout the day; instead, force yourself out of bed and take action. You don’t have to do much. Based on how frustrated you might be, it may be as easy as warm showering and dress up to meeting up with best buddies for coffee. It will be an excellent option to maintain an activity that will fix your mood. Do what you could to improve your activity levels every day.

3. Talk to someone about how precisely you feel

Allow yourself to ultimately vent with a family member or friend you can be confident with. Keeping quiet helps keep you inside yourself and leaves you feeling like there is no way to avoid the sadness that envelops you. Don’t hold back on the concept of talking with a friend, family member, counselor, or psychologist. It is your responsibility to speak to someone, and speaking to an unbiased listener can be very purifying.

4. Exercise

I know you aren’t in the mood; nonetheless, exercise provides you with a good start. Promise yourself you will stop after ten mins. İts is likely that when you start, you will need to continue. By putting aside time every day for exercise, you may do wonders for your well being. A walk outside is a start. Besides, running outdoors in the sunshine can help you meet your vitamin D needs, the world’s known mood enhancer.

5. Keep a journal

Recording the things that you feel can be quite therapeutic. At this time, you could like to jot down your darkest thoughts. However, at some time, you should change it around. Start challenging your thinking if you’re able to. Also, I recommend you retain a happiness journal where you can detail everything nice that happens in your lifetime. İn this way, once the sadness hits, look through it and feel comforted.

6. Understand your thought patterns

Your ideas may have a staggering influence on your mood and well being, whether positive or negative. If you retain a journal, you might know more about a number of your ideas. Make an effort to look for those thoughts that aren’t realistic or fair to yourself. And erase those regretful thoughts from your mind.

7. Perform relaxation exercises

Be it meditation, breathing, or yoga – make a move that renders you peace and helps relieve stress. Your low mood may make you feel like you’ve got no control in your lifetime. These exercises can help change this.


Make contact with a GP: If your depressed mood persists or becomes worse after using the above, don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor.