Start your morning with these six weight loss boosting drinks

Start your morning with these six weight loss boosting drinks

Weight loss boosting drinks can be a great way to lose weight.

The real secret to losing weight is to live a lifestyle that includes eating right, reduce your calorie intake, and working out. However, water intake can be really helpful for weight loss aims.

On the other hand, taking weight loss drinks in the morning can speed up your weight loss process, helps you burn more extra calories, and even suppress your appetite for the day.

Here are quick weight loss boosting drinks which you can add to your morning routines to lose weight and improve your health. 

1. Green tea 

Having a cup of green tea in the morning is beneficial because it is loaded with antioxidants (catechin) and caffeine to help speed up your metabolism to lose weight. 

Some evidence published by HealthLine shows green tea can help you burn 3–4% more calories each day.

On the other hand, regular consumption of green tea will also prevent cardiovascular disease and help your skin look younger

NB: Patients suffering from acid reflux, anemia, and stomach upset are advised not to have green tea in the morning.

2. Pu-erh tea

Pu Erh tea is the most powerful drink you can consume in the morning for rapid weight loss. It has proven scientific evidence that taking a daily cup of Pu-erh tea can lead to weight loss. 

In addition, there is evidence that Pu-erh tea helps enhance digestion and is beneficial for the heart and the immune system.

3. Pineapple Juice

Starting your day with a glass of pineapple juice will the best way to increase your energy levels and boost metabolism.

Moreover, pineapple juice provides an enzyme called bromelain that plays an essential role in weight loss. 

Another key point, according to several experts, pineapple juice improves proper digestion, which in turn helps reduces bloating, suppressing appetite, therefore helping you lose weight.

4. Green Coffee

Take a cup of green coffee in the morning, preferably an hour after your breakfast, may help you lose weight.

Many wellness nutritionists claim green coffee contains a powerful antioxidant – chlorogenic acid, which regulates fat absorbed, increasing your metabolic rate and reduce body weight.

At the same time, green coffee can promote healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

5. Lemon and Honey

Several studies show that one of the best ways to lose weight is by drinking a warm cup of squeezed lemon juice and honey in the morning. 

Lemon is shown to improve metabolism, thereby shed pounds while also improving overall health.

On the other hand, honey contains amino acids and minerals that can activate hormones that suppress the appetite and aid in weight loss.

You should mix half squeezed lemon juice and a teaspoon of pure raw honey into a cup of warm water, mix and enjoy.

6. Warm water 

Taking a cup of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach is one habit that many experts claim helps you feel full faster, which can aid in weight loss.

Also, warm water helps reduce appetite, lower your indigestion risk, and remove toxins from your system. 

To sum up

Drinking plenty of fluids in the morning is one of the most important ways to lose weight. 

Taking either green tea, warm water, Pu-erh tea, pineapple juice, green coffee, lemon, and honey may help you eliminate excess weight quickly.